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Keres Reference by Brookreed Keres Reference by Brookreed
Needed to make a reference for Keres. Some information on her:

Keres is part of the "Cursed Trio", along with Swiftwing and Neptune. However, she often conceals this fact by hiding the golden cuffs around her front paws with magic. She has the most powerful magic of the Cursed Trio, and is also the oldest of the three.

Keres is unique because, along with her gained immortality and magic over the dead, she also doesn't belong to a true species. Originally, she was a dragon, until she was cursed. Keres used to be a creature of the day, however now she is a creature of the night. Keres loves killing and torturing heroes. However, she is also a creature of her word, and if she makes a promise she will keep it. She also has a fondness for crows, and can summon a murder of the birds to tear things apart for her. She is capable of travelling through time-space and can also tamper with the magical abilities of other beings.

As for her physical appearance, Keres is a dragon-ish creature. Her skin is very leathery and blends in well with the shadows. She has large donkey ears which would be cute if she didn't have a large, sharp beak or dangerous claws. Her spines, claws, horns, and beak are all made of bone. Her wings are feathery around the edges. She often bears many wounds from fights, and though she is able to heal them instantly, she usually doesn't. An interesting feature is her feet, the forepaws having three claws on the front and one on the back, and her back paws having two claws on the front and two on the back. Her tail is very long, and can be used as a whip.

As for what I use her for in fanfictions, she's usually the creature I resort to when I need an extremely gory death that lasts a long time, due to her being capable of sealing a soul within a body so that it cannot die until she allows it to. Once someone has been trapped by Keres, there's pretty much no escape unless you can get her to accept a challenge with the reward being that you go free.

Finally, Keres' relationship with Swiftwing and Neptune. She doesn't particularly care for either, though she and Neptune occasionally work together to track down heroes. Though Swiftwing admired Keres in her early days of bearing the curse, eventally Swiftwing began to dislike Keres, though they might exchange a few words when they meet. Keres was quite furious to learn that Swiftwing had discovered a way to break the curse that they shared.

Well that was longer than expected. Keres seems to be my all-powerful character. Her magic abilities exceed those of Neptune's and Rina's, which is quite impressive indeed. Wow, Keres is a lot more developed than I thought...probably due to the huge amount of fanfiction I have in my head.
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April 2, 2013
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